Yoga is being adopted everywhere in the modern era, the reason for this is that through yogic medicine, any disease can be overcome without any physical and economic problems, and beforehand, beautiful and thoughtful work can be achieved. It can also keep the mind healthy. That is why the importance of yoga medicine has increased. Yogic medicines benefit various parts of the body, which are as follows-

  • Spinal cord: The spinal cord which is also called the spinal cord is a vital bone of the body. On this, all the bones of the body are dependent. By continuously doing yoga, the spinal cord gets very flexible water and becomes stronger due to which the person does not get old. Having strong and flexible bones also gives strength to the muscles.
  • Mumps: Muscles need to be strong and healthy because it provides strength to the inner organs and blood vessels are also cured. Keeping yoga fastens the body muscles get strength.
  • Arthritis: By keeping yoga medicines, the blood vessels are also flexible, which causes blood to reach the heart easily and it remains healthy. This action keeps the blood clean.