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Pranayam is defined as control of breathlessness. Pranam is made up of 2 words - Prana and Dimension - Prana means life - Shakti or Prana Shakti is the power that exists in all living and non-living substances, and by its editing it creates the entire creation and the living world, active And operated. The meaning of the word of amplitude is to expand, in such a way, the meaning of the word of the word is to expand or propagate the dimension of prana; the techniques of the gesture provide methods by which the power of life can be activated and regularized and from its normal limit The high degree of vibratory energy can be achieved by passing beyond. Pranayam operates, stimulates, regulates and regulates all kinds of life in the gross and subtle levels of human structure through the respiratory action, its indirect effect falls on the mind, body, emotions, momentum and consciousness in the Vedic ashtang Yoga. Different types of pranayama methods have been mentioned in various stages and requirements, through which the center Ra each person Snnihit 10 of oxygen.But coordinated and healthy functioning editing by individual physical and can be executed between the highest growth of spiritual consciousness Persons wishing for spiritual well-being follow the one-post verbally, the meditation of one term merges many positions in itself and you will instantly find a revolutionary change in themselves.