Positive Thinking

Whatever is good or bad in the world.Our attitude only makes it good or bad.Good or bad will be found in every item.It is a positive attitude to see him now.The optimistic positive box moves forward by meditating on the things behind and the pessimist thinks back of the things ahead.The person who has the concept that he is sick will surely become ill even when there is no reason to stop him. Our 95% capacity is wasted due to negative thoughts.Therefore, what one thinks and does, becomes the same, so we should always have positive thoughts because thoughts form our personality.

Working Principle

Most of us work only when we feel a particular motivation for that work and we are motivated. Inspiration --> motivation --> Desired Your actions generate further emotional response and motivation encourages you for future work. With this knowledge we can reorganize our mind completly Work --> inspiration --> motivation Thus the principle of working is modified


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Visa News Latter

                                                                                      Saturday, october,  05 2019 

Saudi Arabia

   The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia would like to inform all the approved travel agencies in          New Delhi that tourist visa has been added to ENGAZ. All agencies are therefore advised to        receive the applications for tourist visa as Per the following requirements : -

   1. Applicant should fill the visa application form and attach the required supporting documents.

   2. Passport has to be valid for more than 6 months.

   3. Applicants address in Saudi Arabia must be registered.

   4. Pay the fees.

   5. Applicant must be above 18 years of age, unless accompanied by his legal guardian.

   6. Round-trip ticket with itinerary must be attached.

   7. Proof of accommodation reservation in the kingdom must be attached.

   8. Bonafide certificate solvency must be attached.

   9. All personal information of the applicant, including home address in India, must be attached.


The Embassy if the Republic of Indonesia, New Delhi hereby notifies that starting from 1st October 2019, the Embassy shall no longer provide service for the administration of documents documents such as visas, legalization of documents etc through a third part. The applicant are expected to come and submit their application directly to the Embassy.

International Visa Service

84-C. Bharat Nagar. New Friends Colony. New Delhi-110025

Office: +91-11-46578585/ 46573887 - 38881 Mob: 9811844797. 9899098838

New email

Sample of China Invitation Letter

Invitee Company Name (English & Chinese) Invitee Company Address, Contact No. , Email I D.

Issue Date

To Embassy of People's Republic of China, Delhi, India


Subject Application for (CATEGORY) with Number et Entries (SING LE/DOUBL


We have invited Name of Applicant to People, Republic ofC hina for Detailed Visiting Purpose between kern Y YYY MM DD to Y YYY MM DD, for duration of stay, further information related to visit,

Applicant's De tails are as follow s:

Name: As per Passport

Date ct Bid h: DD MM YYYY

Gender X XXXX

Passport No: XXXX

Issue date: DDMMYYYY

Place of issu e: As per Pa sspo It

Fur the more we confirm that Applicant's Name expenses i nc tired in China wi II b e borne by Name of the organization/personal.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Your Sincerely.

Invitee Official Name

Invite Desgnaton

Signal ure o f the In vitee in Ch ese with Iss ueda te(M and Aa y tf Chinese Naticna I should be on the Slaw of he

Campany (0ffcial Round or Oval Sla rips must be clear )