Vedic Ashtanga Yog?

According to the Divine Order and the eternal principles, God gave His divine knowledge in the form of Vedas in the origin of creation for the entire welfare and development of the human being, for millions of years, the great sage tradition of India, on the trails of liberation in the light of this life Continued, and searched for this Amrit for Vedic Ashtanga Yog from our eternal pilgrimage journey for some thousand years ago Maharshi Patanj Person has to squeeze the book Silence of the Vedas mixed given the nature of ashtanga yog a great contribution, the nature of our presence yog today Vedas Arnyko Brahmin scriptures Upanishads philosophy Gita etc. In Vedic Ashtang Yog, the original soul of Vedas and Yog philosophy has been enriched with the vast yog traditions created by thousands of seekers. It is a developed form of spiritual scientist of ancient and archetypal contribution.

Why Vedic Ashtanga Yog?

Yog is the path of understanding. Life is a philosophical sight to spend equally on a very high altitude and spiritual surface. By developing the underlying spiritual powers, the Chaitanya form is available for the true and complete self-respect of the self. The awakening of the creative powers in man and the Devik transformation of human existence is instantly evolved from the system of yoga.

Human is polymorphic in nature and power. As the Karma Shivalwan people are given physical power, devotional devotees can be emotional. The meditators are the people of Manya Shakti. The thoughts and thoughts of the people are very powerful. In the state of this intellectual nature, in the Vedas scriptures, the incarnation of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Rajyog Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Knowledge Yoga came to the welfare of the people. The consequences of the inequalities of modern life have completely deviated from human health. As a result, it is suffering from various types of painful physical and mental disorders. In the human and in a state of distress, the smoothness and high goals of life are completely subdued. Due to that there is nothing special except for the dark darkness around. In such a wretched and afflicted state, when the cruel nature of death is causing human beings as a period of time. The only yoga of all these is the Prana Guard Project. The entire effect and effect of this is only when it comes to its traditional wisdom. Only then the seeker can be immersed in the universal consciousness, embellished with the infinite idols of Amrit, with the Satya Shivam beauty.

Yoga is the science of meditation of holistic health, development and decent results. It is the means of purifying and purifying the entire being of the person. In which there is a combination of emotional and emotional progress with physical health.

Form of Vedic Ashtanga Yog

Vedic Ashtanga Yog is the yoga scientific method of the highest imagination of whole life and the orderly formation of the systematic creation. Yoga This eternal method is the theoretical and experimental teaching of Vedas and philosophical yoga knowledge. In this vast and comprehensive tradition of yoga, eight spiritual practices have been included.

Yama, Rama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Meditation, Samadhi.

Tshpath of spiritual practice

Today it is possible for human life to be completely free from hellish tribulation and alcohol riots, when he can develop self-realms by researching himself, Maharshi Patanjali is an ideal solution for all problems of today's adherence to the reverence of the 10 paths of Pranayatmabhavikas. If we want the welfare of ourselves in the right sense, then the compliance of these verses is the final path, otherwise the birth pains will be filled with dread of various sorrows. Be suffering from issues will be our destiny.


1: Non-violence

Karunamai openly renounce violence period of life, self-purification is the first way of non-violence and the ego of anger, grudge fast to eradicate the love kindness compassion and brotherhood generated resembles the best expressions of violence, while the mother is Professor Power value.

2: True

You can come back to the reconsideration statement and the abandonment of deeds, the true dependent behavior is the basis of auspicious life, making the person of truth complete and sincerely, making the innocence sincerely and transparent. So the life becomes very intuitive and transparent, making the untruthful and incredible one.

3: Strange

Follow the fasting fast. On the matter of the theft is not only a social crime, but people from violence and vices such as mathematics and the loss of the mother is the person who donated the desperation comes innocent brotherhood and charity-like properties to comply with the sarvavidha destroying asteya automatically receive Rai.

4: Brotherhood

Creating all the senses, the basis of life-based effort of life creates the physical and spiritual life of the protection, it keeps growing in the body and keeps growing in the body. It is a measure of increasing the self-sacrifice and strengthening of the braveness. Conscious person considers Sishir Vivekananda, while suffering from grief and suffering, he loses sexuality and famine death.

5: Transparency

Self-centered self-depression Very sad to be completely disconnected with complete things and personal ignorance and mischievous desires; People tend to develop Krishna in the person's mind; The complete collection is the remedy of peace and happiness; there is an intention of birth-borne births before the stability of unrecognized.


1: Saucha

Sarvavidha spiritual squalor person on the purity of the country in the development of the mind is like the word and actions of all the sanctity of a strong barrier not only takes all the traits of the abuse and misery to everyone, but the universe of all the good and welfare of the individual properties of the log provides route.

2: Santosha

Satisfaction is a remedy for all the happiness and confirmation, whereas the dissatisfied person continues to remain in an inexperienced enterprise while traveling to Nana and persecuted by riots, the concentration fast is concentrated from the continuous soul offering.

3: Tapas

Self rise to great vratom and poverty follow the same real karma yoga is the meaning of rituals but not through the life of each region in the integrity of courage and truth parayana complete works to life in the detachment and Empowerment is the only true form of the ascetic person who It becomes an official of cosmic and parallel assets. The light of self-evolution is revealed only by the fire, in Gita. The three parts are described mental physical vocals.

4: Svadhyaya

Sadjnana of worship carefully continued and the research to the true texts of contemplation meditation Satsang abuse and self-interpretation atmavikasa a great way to self-traits destructive knowledge producers and the truth of the exclamation is self-fast by the man in the gunagrahakata introversion and self-nature of consciousness is life Mysteries are undesirable by this path.

5: Ishvara Pranidhana

Self-consciousness to the ultimate consciousness dedicated to God praise prayer worship in their own tribute to the personal existence blurs to God pranidhana the holy Om continuous chanting the meditation initial step is omniscient and full om our Untouchables power to great to The end is therefore the only center of all welfare.


Yogasan's brief definition of Maharishi Patanjali is a brief definition of Satisfaction Sukhmasam meaning that the situation which is pleasant and stable, in this situation, rugs are used to develop the ability to sit comfortably for a long time. Necessary qualification is, in Vedic Acetang Yoga, Asan has been considered as a state of stabilization, along with the Yat Yoga, it is believed that the pure By default rugs uninterrupted flow of energy in the nerves can be made. And the chakras can be awakened, the scriptures have been saying that after the development of physical control through yoga exercises, the ability to gain control over mind and energy can also be achieved, body - healthy mind and higher positions For the exploration of the needle, there is a need for basic construction and yoga can be the means of getting high awareness, that is why Vedic A In many ancient texts of Āttang Yoga, the rugs have been made very important. Yoga is an important goal: Kundalini power in man is to awaken the evolutional energy of the human being, the cycle is activated by the practice of rugs, and the power produced by Kundalini reaches the whole body. Yoga scriptures have created and mentioned thousands of rugs Has gone


Pranayam is defined as control of breathlessness. Pranam is made up of 2 words - Prana and Dimension - Prana means life - Shakti or Prana Shakti is the power that exists in all living and non-living substances, and by its editing it creates the entire creation and the living world, active And operated. The meaning of the word of amplitude is to expand, in such a way, the meaning of the word of the word is to expand or propagate the dimension of prana; the techniques of the gesture provide methods by which the power of life can be activated and regularized and from its normal limit The high degree of vibratory energy can be achieved by passing beyond. Pranayam operates, stimulates, regulates and regulates all kinds of life in the gross and subtle levels of human structure through the respiratory action, its indirect effect falls on the mind, body, emotions, momentum and consciousness in the Vedic ashtang Yoga. Different types of pranayama methods have been mentioned in various stages and requirements, through which the center Ra each person Snnihit 10 of oxygen.But coordinated and healthy functioning editing by individual physical and can be executed between the highest growth of spiritual consciousness

Persons wishing for spiritual well-being follow the one-post verbally, the meditation of one term merges many positions in itself and you will instantly find a revolutionary change in themselves.


Going from the subjects of the senses to the picture, the retreat is called as the sun begins to shine in its third phase of the day. Such a yogi controls the disorders of the mind by withdrawal. He tries to orient his soul by narrowing his senses like a turtle. Removing the senses involved in the subject matter and withdrawing them from there is the withdrawal of names. Due to the concentration of mind, it is the sadhana of the senses that the tendencies of the senses do not propagate in their subjects. In attainment and perception, Attitudes are attached in a systematic yoga practice and try to concentrate them in one place. When the senses are distracting in their subjects, then by looking at the faults of the subjects or considering their final results, efforts should be made to propagate the senses from there. Even if the senses are not introvert then the senses and the subjects Let's look at the interpersonal relations and activities of the people, in such a short time, like the kite kites, This sadhana is only a withdrawal. Any object that is visible to me, that is, I am in it, this object is not different from me. Or through it God created the Creator. The name of seeing this expression is called Pratyahara. Knowing the existence of that ultimate element in all things, the mind will not be able to come through all the subjects and the curiosity towards the subjects will come to an end, so the curiosity can come towards the subjects and it is the sadhana of the ascetic.

The importance of withdrawal is done by the seeker after doing sadhana, after the condition of withdrawal, when the senses are independent, ie the body of the senses gets over. If such seekers become centered, they control control of their mind and picture, and whatever position they want to live on or on their mind, this speed and constrained power automatically arises within the seeker.


(Describing the picture of patriotism) from a mere perspective, it is called perception. By withdrawing the minds from the subjects by withdrawal from the subjects, the country, namely, the Nabhi Chakra, the heart of the heart, in the heart of the mind, the chanting of Omkar and its meaning which is God. Thinking of it is called perception. The same philosophy is the practice of perception to concentrate the mind instinct in the Bahia country like Sun Chandra Dhruv, Pranayama, Panchasam etc. The practice of perception and meditation is done for the attainment of Anima, etc. and to attain the Divine. The Vedic ashtang yoga is described in the Vedic ashtang Yoga as a spiritual approach to eight rounds of 16 basis three goals and Panch Vishan bahia Akash. Apart from this, the Panchkunch Panchatant Panchatantra volume and mind intellect, mind ego etc. are based on meditation on various centers of the body and are immersed and meditated. But by becoming a city of Brahma, seeing the lord and the lord of this body is the main purpose of Dhyan meditation. Therefore, Brahma will be the only new destination for the last destination of perceptions.


After the meditation retracement and perception, on the subject of internal or external subjects, Chittatvatna was constantly employed. Keeping a tone of the picture at that place or power center is called meditation. The deep difference between perception and meditation can be understood in this way. As the edge of oil or water when the drop drops, then it should be considered as a perception and when that constant phase becomes a constant, it is the state of meditation. In the state of meditation, the mind does not remain on its subject in a gradual or fragmentary state but in the uninterrupted sense it is called meditation in the mind. It is meditation to discharge the mind from the subjects, the idea of ​​being free from the subjects is not to go into zero state. But to keep the subject or the desired subject shown in the mind, and to keep the other subjects in mind, it is the thought of non-conscience that when the mind becomes pure from the words of the senses, touching the juice smell, The name of that situation is meditation. Or when the soul contemplates the Brahmachta except all the physical trades, including the soul, then it will also be called meditation, that God exists in every substance of the world. This feeling is a symptom of meditation in all the beings in meditation and contemplation of the self with the mind. Vedic yoga is a sign of meditation. By destroying the rage defects of the seeker, the people who help in yoga, get the meaning of the meaning of an artificial sense of consciousness, and try to practice meditation yoga by taking shelter of the spectacular food conservation mind and philosophy of these 12:00. Oz of Australia, regardless of the knowledge of the Vedas, be foolish. Whether a religious or sinful person lives in a knight or a tribute, he simply crosses the ocean of death. Through meditation through Vedic ashtang Yoga, the ability to develop stability and concentration in mind develops. Unwanted inconsistent disorganized and distant thoughts get rid of. Physical and mental stress decreases. Significant changes occur in personality and behavior Peace in mind: Interest in creative work, the trend of research increases the ability of decision-making and intuition.


Samadhi Yoga is the reader of Samadhi itself, in which the mind is well-absorbed, the name of that state is Samadhi. It is said that Maharshi Patanjali is describing Samadhi. Write the definition of Samadhi, when meditation is published only in the form of giving and 0 in its form, Gond is said to be, then it is called Samadhi. Meditate in meditation, note that Tirupati remains. But in meditation, meditation becomes merit, and the form of the substance becomes prominent. I am meditating this is the realization of the feeling of meditation and meditation, and which is meditated. The country where these three people are making their life, meditation and when the remainder of meditation remains the same, they are called Samadhi. Putting the mind away from the body and putting it in God is the Samadhi. In which Dasu is separated from the themes of the senses, the soul is considered to be worshiped. According to Vedic Yoga, it is the meditation or state of samadhi. The unification of the soul and the entire state of the soul and the divine will be called samadhi or the soul is called its state of samadhi in its nature and divine. As the meditation becomes serious, the state of samadhi will come automatically, by meditation, when the effort becomes mature, trying to essay your soul in the divine. Samadhi is created in this state, Vedic Yoga has discussed various types of forms and forms of Samadhi, just as the samadhiya samadhi, asamprajana samadhi, has been discussed.




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