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After the meditation retracement and perception, on the subject of internal or external subjects, Chittatvatna was constantly employed. Keeping a tone of the picture at that place or power center is called meditation. The deep difference between perception and meditation can be understood in this way. As the edge of oil or water when the drop drops, then it should be considered as a perception and when that constant phase becomes a constant, it is the state of meditation. In the state of meditation, the mind does not remain on its subject in a gradual or fragmentary state but in the uninterrupted sense it is called meditation in the mind. It is meditation to discharge the mind from the subjects, the idea of being free from the subjects is not to go into zero state. But to keep the subject or the desired subject shown in the mind, and to keep the other subjects in mind, it is the thought of non-conscience that when the mind becomes pure from the words of the senses, touching the juice smell,

The name of that situation is meditation. Or when the soul contemplates the Brahmachta except all the physical trades, including the soul, then it will also be called meditation, that God exists in every substance of the world. This feeling is a symptom of meditation in all the beings in meditation and contemplation of the self with the mind. Vedic yoga is a sign of meditation. By destroying the rage defects of the seeker, the people who help in yoga, get the meaning of the meaning of an artificial sense of consciousness, and try to practice meditation yoga by taking shelter of the spectacular food conservation mind and philosophy of these 12:00. Oz of Australia, regardless of the knowledge of the Vedas, be foolish. Whether a religious or sinful person lives in a knight or a tribute, he simply crosses the ocean of death. Through meditation through Vedic ashtang Yoga, the ability to develop stability and concentration in mind develops. Unwanted inconsistent disorganized and distant thoughts get rid of. Physical and mental stress decreases. Significant changes occur in personality and behavior Peace in mind: Interest in creative work, the trend of research increases the ability of decision-making and intuition.


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